wtf am i talking about?

I haz a happy hangover today. Yesterday was full of hope, relief and was generally a good day. Last night I met some family for dinner that I haven’t seen in much too long. It was relaxing and I truly had a great time.

Today? Ugh I woke up at 1am feeling completely shitty I’m not sure why. But I will tell you that peppermint tea can work wonders!

——–On to something not completely related————

I want to talk about ‘hurling’ under the influence. My little bar escapade on Halloween was lots of fun and I was able to drive home without having to worry. I indulged in 6 or 7 jager bombs at my friends condo before we went out. If I haven’t said it before I’m the cheapest date ever. I’m a lightweight and my friends constantly make fun of me. So I was pretty drunk before we left.

But at the first bar it was all smokey and I needed some fresh air.

It’s a fact that when I pass a certain point of drunkenness you better get me outside or I will “ralph” somewhere. I can’t even promise I won’t puke outside cuz I’ve done that a few times too (sitting in a camping chair, off the side of a deck, outside of the Post Bar…). It seems to be a general consensus that when you aren’t feeling so hot with all that alcohol in your system you need some air.

I wonder if my constant need for air is mental. I didn’t drink much in high school. Sure IC and I did shots of peppermint schnapps and stole some other sips from whatever was in the basement cabinet but we never got flat out drunk. Oh no. That didn’t happen until we took our trips up north. We had a friend that would always remind us of “Mind over Matter” and would escort us out of his basement and into the cool night air. I never once ‘lost my cookies’ there. Thank God cuz really that would have been embarrassing 😉

So back to Halloween. I had to get out of the first bar, everything was making my stomach turn. Luckily the next bar we went to had the door wide open and the mild air was circulating the smoke and perfume haze. No hurried trips to the nasty bathroom for me (what? you’ve never done that?!)

I didn’t spend any money that night. By the time we left the bar at 1am I hadn’t had a drink in 4 hours and by the time we got back to the condo I was fine. Which is great cuz I would much rather sleep in my own bed.

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