Wanting this day to be over

Because I’m leaving for Florida at 6am tomorrow! Woohoo! You know what a 6am flight means though right? I have to get up at 3am to get ready and to the airport in time to sit around and wait for my flight. Joy. But I can’t complain because it was 29 degrees this morning when I got into my car after scrapping the ice off. 29 motherf-ing degrees.

I. Am. NOT. Ready. For. Winter!


Have you taken a moment out of your day to realize that today is in fact Veteran’s day? Thank a Vet for your freedom, we have no idea what they have endured for people they don’t even know.


Anyone interested in guest posting for me while I’m gone? I know nothing like a last minute request hehe. Email me if you think you might want to.

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