This friday’s fitness plan

I am the biggest dork ever. Really. So we are under a winter storm warning and it had been snowing all day so I work early and gave up plans on going to tae kwon do. BOO!

I promised myself that I would work out. So when I got home I vacuumed up all the dead ants (ants you say? yeah fucking big carpenter ants that are raining on my ‘owning a house’ parade. terminix is coming out tomorrow) and moved some furniture around. Then I put on some workout pants and began with my tkd warm-ups and stretches.

I should probably mention that I’ve also cranked my running playlist on our awesome new home theater sound thingy (C makes fun of me for calling it a sound system) that has a dock for your ipod. I did some situps and pushups on our exercise ball and then for 45 minutes I jumped around non-stop.

Jumped around is kind of a general term. I was boxing, kicking, pole (no I don’t have an actual pole) club dancing, 80’s dancing. It was seriously a good time. I made sure to pull down all the shades so in case my neighbors walked by they wouldn’t see me. We only met one neighbor and I don’t think I want the others to know think we are crazy yet 🙂

My house is set up kind of cool. The kitchen and living room are connect on both sides so I ran some laps and the dogs chased me. I haven’t had so much fun working out in a long time. And let me tell you 45 minutes of constantly moving is tiring and believe me I sweated so it counts as a workout.

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