Taking a quick break to say hello

The good news…I stayed home this weekend and helped my dad paint. 8 hours worth of painting. No that’s not the good news, that would be that I’m not sore, which means my arms and shoulders aren’t as out of shape as I thought they might be.

The other good news is that most of the 2,000 square feet is painted. 10ft walls be damned. 1 office, 2 bathrooms, 1 hallway and 1 changing room be damned.

With good news there is bad news too right? Right.

Saturday night the lights in the hallway and bathroom decided to quit working. They have always been a bit funny, you know flickering and burning out light bulbs. All I can think is FIRE. So we turned the breaker off to the bathroom and C has been trying to figure out the problem.

He spent at least a couple hours checking circuits and other things I don’t care to understand. He’s not an electrician but you know what guys? He is handy. I don’t give him enough credit but he really is. So there. I’m doing it now, just don’t tell him ok? He has a tendency to let things go to his head.

I’m not going to lie. I was a little bummed out we didn’t get to go up north and look at cabins. But you were right and I needed to stay here. My dad is always there to help us out and I wouldn’t have felt right about leaving.

Well I’m out of time, I need to get back to work. Boo.

Happy Monday!

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