Shorty swing my way

I feel very blah and boring today. I don’t feel interesting or entertaining.

C’mon you know something’s wrong when I’m pretty sure last night when I met my mom’s friends for dinner the waitress was being extra friendly to me and I can’t even formulate a good story out of that. I don’t know if she swung that way or if she just found me interesting.

And the converstaions weren’t even out of the ordinary it was just a feeling I got, ya know? She told me I looked very ethnic and wanted to know my nationality. I think she would have kept asking me questions but M showed up late. Later she came to give us our bill and she was asking me about my wrist tattoo. There were a few other exchanges and she mostly only talked to me. I know, like I said it sounds like friendly chit chat, but I just got that feeling, ya know what I mean?

At least I thought she was pretty. Of course I came home and told C about it. His immediate response was, ‘oh really maybe we should go back up there.’ Men.

I made jello shots last night. Along with a little bit of a mess. Maybe I’ll try one out tonight and see how they came out. Haha. Lime with tequila and raspberry with vodka. Mmmmm. 25hours!!!!

I need to get to packing tonight. I am the worst overpacker. I just never know what I’m going to wear.

Can this seriously be true?

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