Shopping gods shined down on me

One thing about me is that I have never spent over $30 on jeans or anything really. I’m kind of cheap. I mean I would love to but I don’t have the extra cash for splurging. So while I was at Macy’s today I was trying on jeans. Sticking to the ones that were on clearance or $34 (ok so I’d spend $34, but that’s pushing it).

But I tried on a pair of Silver jeans just to try them on and pretend I’d buy them (you do that too right?). They were perfect, so I took a peak at the price tag…$68. But the more I turned and looked at myself in the mirror I told myself that I deserved to have a nice pair of jeans!

So I looked around some more but didn’t see any worth trying on and decided to pay. The lady at the register told me if I used my card I’d get 15% off and I was like “Bonus!” and then she rang the jeans up! They were $36!!!!! And with the 15% off they ended up being $28.90!

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