R & R weekends with sunshine

Whenever holidays come around I feel torn about feeling obligated to go to a family gathering or spending quality time with my own little family. I’ll be honest that 8 out of 10 times I choose the quality family time ignoring the disdain of extended family at skipping dinner.

Easter isn’t a holiday that registers with me. I was raised Catholic but I don’t practice and haven’t for some years now. I don’t have kids to take to egg hunts or color eggs with so aside for the Easter candy I don’t have much involvement with it. Instead, C and I ran our errands and picked up a soccer ball. We took the dogs to a near by community college and kicked the ball around for part of the afternoon.

Scooby was too exhausted to even sit up during the ride home

I wish I would have gotten video of Liko with the soccer ball. He would chase it down, running at top speed, and when he tried to stop as he got to it he ended up rolling over the ball. It was entertaining, trust me.

I spent an absurd amount of time watching hockey this weekend too. Every game that was on to be exact, with the exception of Nashville/Anaheim because it wasn’t broadcast on national television.

How was your weekend?

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