Pass the pint of ice cream

I’m a pretty confident girl. Sure, I have my days where I feel disgusting but for the most part I don’t complain. Of course I check out other girls but I never feel a real jealousy. I think she’s pretty and move on, we all have our positive attributes.

With the exception of this one girl. I don’t even know her, she’s an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend/fiance and every time I see her picture my confidence deflates. (Thank you Facebook!) I know how ridiculous this sounds. Believe me. She’s the kind of girl that makes me want to starve myself and eat a container of chocolate chip cookies simultaneously to make myself feel better.

Since I have no willpower to give up food, I usually end up doing the latter. She’s tall (5′9) and slender, something that I will never, ever be. Clearly, by now I’m done growing topping off at 5′3 and I’m not built to be slender. I’d classify myself as athletic and not just because I play sports. She’s probably graceful and not a huge klutz like me. You get the picture…

I guess on the bright side whenever I’m feeling way too happy or good about myself , I know how to get rid of my big head.

Do you ever feel this way? Why? Who? I’m not the only one, right?

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