Oh the blinking

I’ve been at work for oh almost half an hour. When I first approached the doors I saw the dreaded blinking light. For God’s sake, the blinking. I’m surprised I haven’t had a seizure from the blinking.

Oh thank heavens, K is actually good for something (HA and I know he’ll read that). He put a box over it so the visual of the blinking light is greatly diminished.

Shit now I have to find something else to complain about…

Please hold…there are tons of things I can choose from but I need to find something internets appropriate.


So I’m in a slump, but I’ll leave you with some profound sayings I hold close to my heart.  Mostly because the person who shared them with me is as special as they come.

“I don’t want you to change, I want you to learn”

“Take a quote you like, like the ones on the bottom of your emails, and change it around to fit you”

“If we thought about everything we said before we said it, after awhile it would be habit and we wouldn’t say things we didn’t mean”

Of course

The universe would have no other way…

got an email from my realtor.  the bank is trying to keep the deposit money from the house that fell through.  their excuse?  the denial letter took too long?!  WTF?  Seriously?

No idea what to do now…the decision isn’t final yet but i’m worried.

Final thoughts

…for the day

  • mulch smells like ass
  • i can’t behave myself at work sometimes and I end up laying on the floor taking a picture of myself with my phone, while MA encourages the behavior
  • i also wedge myself between the fake wall and conference room wall and peak out at KM
  • i sit cross legged in my chair with my shoes off and twirl my chair back and forth
  • i laugh and my heart feels lighter

oops meant to post this last night, i hate when i do that

Wasted part II

So I recall this time when I was in college and we were drinking while at work. please now is not the time to ask about drinking at work. it was the time i passed out under the desk. after drinking shots of nasty whiskey we headed to the union for mcdonalds.

Apparently, poor aaron came into work the next day with smashed fries underneath his desk. i had been sitting in his chair the day before. well…tonight i made myself a scrambled egg sandwich (i’ve been told I have a weird craving for eggs when I’m drunk) and as i tried to shovel it in my mouth my dogs were gobbling pieces off the floor.

ahhhh a perfect sunday…piece and quiet and beer.

Excerpts from the letter to myself

I write when I’m happy, sad, mad, irritated…ok you get the point. Whatever I feel I write. Lucky for you guys it’s not all on this blog. I can only let some of the crazy show. I have lots of private stuff that IC has graciously agreed to destroy in the event of my untimely death. (Well I told her she HAS to, you can’t deny someone’s dying wish. And IC that IS my dying wish…see it’s in writing now and all my lovely, great bloggie friends have read it!)

Do you guys have a friend like that? Someone you would trust with pretty much everything inside your head that you’re afraid for the world to see? I hope you do. I trust her to either A. just purge it all or B. she’ll read it, cry cuz she misses me and then think “wow, I’m so glad she kept this shit to herself, crazy bitch. I personally hope she would pick option B because by then I won’t care what she thinks and she might actually smile at some of the thoughts I had.

Guess where C is taking me for my birthday on Saturday! Horseback riding! WEEEEEE!!!!!!

It’s about time

I’m letting go now.  It feels right.  My world is still wrong or maybe changing.  But I’m letting it all go.  The stress of the house, thing a and thing b and down the list I’ll go.  It’s time.  5 days in an angry cloud is enough.  Breathing in and breathing out letting each thing go one at a time.

May there be peace in your day today as well.


I promise this is the last post about my irritability.  If I have nothing else to write about I’ll be back when I do.

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