Only d-bags think my bday was no fun

Some birthdays are more memorable than others. This year my birthday started a full 4 days beforehand and was one that I will always remember.

Though a d-bag co-worker told me that I’m not living my life as a 20-something, as I’m not having enough fun. He says that I’m more of a 30-40 year old. What?!

And a more positive story… at taekwondo we got 2 new students. One being a 20 year old guy (“21 in a couple days” *pumps fist). I didn’t talk much to him but another student asked where he was going to college and he asked us both where we went. I replied WSU but I had graduated. He’s congratulated me thinking I had just graduated. I smiled and thanked him and told him I had been out of college for 5 years now. His eyes might have bugged out of his head. He didn’t think I was a day over 23. Woot! I won’t even tell you I got carded for tobacco 2 weekends ago…

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