Do you ever have those conversations when at the time what you said seemed perfectly normal but afterwards as you are mentally skimming through your dialogue you think “WTF was I thinking when I said that?!”?

Yeah I was talking to a friend (we’ll call Ford) who I haven’t spoken with in quite some time and we are getting reacquainted. We’ve been talking for a couple of months now but our conversations are few and far between. At one point in time we were pretty close but then life got in the way.

So anyhow, I’m talking to Ford on the phone about nothing much really. Our conversations aren’t stellar, sometimes they are a little awkward and I wonder why we even try to get to know each other’s lives. Wow, I’m obviously procrastinating telling you the dumb thing I said! Ford’s birthday is coming up and I suggested that a tattoo is a cool thing to get on your birthday.

Mostly because last year on my 25th I did exactly that. Ford agreed and decided to think about it. I was JOKING when I said we said we should get something similar so after another billion years of not talking we’ll recognize each other. Ford laughed and talked about possible tattoo designs. I don’t think Ford took what I said in a weird way but after I hung up I was like “Why the fuck would I say that?” And now I’m spending my night cringing every time I think about it!

I do this a lot. I guess it’s just a personality fault. After spending time with or talking to someone I don’t know that well I analyze our conversations and my actions wondering if I did something offensive or strange. I know I shouldn’t care and after awhile I do get tired of thinking about it and just let it go.

I can be such a dork! But now that I wrote it out and am sharing it with you awesome people, I don’t feel so idiotic.

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