Monday can be over now

I need a break from work, so I’m going to bullet my weekend. I know you are totally like, ’sweet, thanks for telling me that’.

  • Tae Kwon Do tournament Saturday
    • It was an hour behind, I was one of the first events. I was there from 10am-6pm. That made me crabby
    • I went for a jog at 8am. I suck at jogging that early
  • Grocery shopping
  • I had to get up at 6:30am on a Sunday
  • Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo
      • we got some free food but there was no coffee
      • The polar bears were quite active
      • The sun was shining but the wind was chilly
      • I finally got to give M her birthday present & hold her 3yrold hand
    • Hanging out with my dad, C and my closet friends
  • Went to see IC’s dad in the hospital, pray for him please. He’s been unconscious for over a week now
  • He was at the same hospital that my mom was at so it was a little hard for me
  • Watched the Wings Game! 5-2 Wings!!! W00T!
  • Got sucked into a Lifetime Movie

I’m defintely not ready for it to be Monday!  Especially when it seems like everyone and their mom was working over the weekend.  Geez my inbox is a little overloaded!  Not to mention those same people are blowing up my phone.  Leave me alone!  Also, a meeting from 1-3 makes me crabby.

Hope you are having a better Monday!

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