Just another weekend in ta-was

I’m not ready to be back at work. To be honest I’m just not ready to be anywhere that means I have to be social. I just keep thinking I have 9 more days before LP and I invade Oscoda. This summer, though it’s been cold, has turned out pretty good. I love working flex time so I can take a 3 day weekend without using vacation time. Awesome.

Our little vacation this past weekend was nice.  It’s so hard to find a place to stay with dogs.  I understand it, I mean it’s people’s property they are renting out and the thought of 3 dogs staying in it can be horrifying.  The thing with our dogs? They are great. 

We are the ones that mess shit up.  Chuck stepped in dog doo he was picking up and tracked it in the house.  The other weekend I was moving a pillow and broke a glass that was hanging and chuck got the drape caught in the window and it ripped.  Hello, we are obviously the problem and it’s us you don’t want in your houses.  LOL.  Anyways here’s a breakdown for ya,


  • Nani eating 7 chocolate frosted mini donuts.  She was luckily fine but damn
  • C locking the keys in the van
  • Trying to boat in a rough Lake Huron and getting thrown around
  • I have 52+ bug bites…um EW and ITCHY


  • I can truly relax up there. I’m good with just chillin on the couch looking out on the water
  • Talking to a real estate agent about available properties
  • Grilling
  • Having a beach right out the back door

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