It’s All About Me

I’d like to say I’m outgoing and fun and crazy but I’m pretty sure most of that’s all in my wild imagination. In reality I enjoy learning but I’m a jack of all trades. I skim over the top of things, merely sticking a toe in. I’m still trying to figure out my passion.

There is so much out there to learn and experience I get overwhelmed. I’m a complete homebody, I love spending time with my husband and our animals and I couldn’t imagine my life without my closest friends. I am currently working on conquering web design. (will I succeed?) Also I’m on the verge of learning the bass guitar. (once I buy one!)

Background Info
I graduated the 5 year college program from Wayne State University with a degree in journalism after changing my major 3 times and then back. The problem with that is not the writing (obviously) but with the digging into people’s private life and also the hours. Who wants to work 16 hours a day and get paid $25k?

I just got married to my husband C♥ in June 2007 on my parents’ anniversary (say it with me…Awwwww). I’m lucky to have him. C♥s sexy, funny and handy but most of all he can basically put up with me without wanting to harming me. Ask my Dad…that’s a feat in itself.