In the dark

As I mentioned Saturday was amazing because of the rain. Sunday, not so much. It finally felt like summer here in the Mitten. The hot sticky mess of 96 degrees with heat index of over 100. I say this lovingly, please don’t think that I’m saying it’s too hot. I have been waiting since June for this weather! The storms, not so much.

At my old house we hardly ever lost power (except for when that whole grid was blown a few summers ago). We also didn’t have a basement that flooded so all these inconveniences are new to me. And I’m not loving them.

At 9ish last night a storm rolled through. It didn’t last particularly long but it did some damage. Power lines and tree limbs and trunks came crashing down. I went to bed hoping that the power would go on in the middle of the night. Nope. I got up this morning and bought four bags of ice to save the $80 I just spent on groceries on Saturday (and let me tell you we are running short on cash so the thought of having to buy more food made me ill).

C stayed home to tend to the basement which could potentially flood and to get our baby generator working. I checked the electric company’s website and they predicted us to be without power until tonight or tomorrow morning. With a new string of thunderstorms coming through tonight I wasn’t very optimistic. Our neighbors have a big generator that C hooked our fridge up to.

Just recently he called to tell me our power was back on. I hope it stays on! Fingers crossed!

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