I love rain when there is nowhere to go

I haven’t been able to enjoy a rainy day like this in forever! It was great sleeping in until 11am this morning. I haven’t done that in the longest time. So long I can’t tell you the last time. Something about the rhythm of rain is so relaxing. I spent the morning organizing and cleaning with C.

Last night I met JP for drinks after tae kwon do. I haven’t seen her in at least 5 years, maybe more. I’ve known her since I was in elementary school. We had a strange friendship. Yes, I considered her one of my best friend’s at the time but we were always really different and during high school we drifted a part but still remained somewhat friends.

What I think drove us apart after high school was my asshole boyfriend. I think she got sick of me complaining about him. Years ago when I realized we were no longer friends it hurt but I guess we all go through that.

Drinks last night was really nice. She’s the same old giggly JP I remember. It was actually like no time had passed at all. I mean we have tons to catch up on but it wasn’t awkward like you know some of those getting to know you again occassions can be.

Even though I have a shit load of stuff to do before I leave next Thursday, I’m glad we were able to get together.

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