I could work my life away but why?

I love waking up with a headache.

Last night I got my hair colored. The girl that does it is super nice and I like her a lot but she was so busy last night. I had 3 different people finishing me up. Not to mention that she missed a piece so I was there for another half an hour. It’s not her fault, she’s not the one that books her appointments and she’s told me before that sometimes they don’t give her enough time. The girl that cuts my hair is the one that finished styling me so I guess it was ok.

C and I went to dinner afterwards. I got a Berry Mojito. Um YUM!

I think ‘date’ night is going to have to be on Fridays or the weekend from now on because really, getting home at 9:30 and still having a bunch of stuff to do is not fun. I don’t even feel like I saw my dogs yesterday. And tonight after tae kwon do I’m going to meet one of my high school friends I haven’t seen in YEARS (a little nervous haha). I hope I’m not out too late because I have laundry that needs to be done and clothes to be put away from before we went away last weekend. My cousin and her husband are going to be in town this weekend and want to see the house.

Yeah. It’s a mess. That’s what happens when we aren’t home for a weekend. I’m getting tired thinking about cleaning it.

Speaking of weekends away, next Thursday LP and I leave for Oscoda. Yeah, I might have mentioned that already but it’s worth mentioning another 100 times because our girl weekends are precious. It’s nice just spending time one on one away from daily life. I hope I get as tipsy as I did last year when I danced in the street in Tawas.

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