I could tell you…

…That C has been having extreme shoulder/neck/back pain for the past 2 weeks. He went to the doctor and was prescribed vicodin which hasn’t helped with the pain. So he went back to the doctor’s today and they gave him stronger (scary) meds, ordered a CT scan and think he might need physical therapy.

….This means I haven’t slept consistently at night for over 2 weeks because he’s constantly tossing and turning.

…I have my final tonight and I’m SO glad. This class has been a nightmare. No direction but homework and final projects are expected to be done and handed in. I didn’t learn anything except that I can somehow manage to grasp enough knowledge to pass the 2 tests we had. Please cross your fingers I can pass the final tonight!

…I started making cookies last night. I need to make at least 4 more batches. I’m not sure where the time for that is going to be though.

…I’m excited about getting cupcakes with Ashalah tomorrow!

…I had a dream I was hanging out with a blogger from New York last night. It seemed really real. Is that weird?

…Speaking of dreams, I have a recurring dream about the same person and we are repeating the same situation every dream. The only things that changes are some of the dialogue and the setting. It’s realistic and the setting reflects the time of year and things that are currently going on in my awake life. It is truly bizarre.

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