Going west, way west

If you follow me on twitter you already know my exciting news. And if you don’t, why not?

For awhile now C and I have been talking about where we would go on vacation this year. Keywest, Arizona, Las Vegas and New York were all in the running. It was one of those passing conversations, you know the kind you have but never actually sit down to look into. This weekend I got bit by the travel bug. We HAD to plan something and soon.

I started looking at last minute deals, which had me clicking on flights and packages. Somewhere in all the clicking around I found a flight to San Diego that made me go, ‘huh’.

It was less expensive than I had seen before. San Diego is a place C and I talked about going. Well California in general because hello, it’s California.

I remember my mom talking about her days where her dad called her Suzy Suitcase because she was always visiting friends in other states. I think San Diego (or possibly San Francisco, but we’ll use San Diego for this story) was one of her favorite places.

I’m a lot more spontaneous than I used to be. I really don’t like planning months in advance any more. So our trip is in a month! I am still looking for a vacation rental. You can’t believe the deals I’m finding. Now if only I can find one with vacancy. I refuse to worry about it, something will work out.

I’m interviewing pet sitters, it’s crazy because even those are less expensive than I thought and I found one that is recommended by an animal shelter. She’s a volunteer and she donates money to the shelter for referrals. And of course, she is licensed, bonded and insured.

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