Finding a home away from home

C and I are thinking about taking a vacation sometime this winter. I’ve said before that I don’t really care for staying in hotels. I like to be able to cook and and have breakfast staples in the fridge. I know that in some hotels you can do this but there is something about staying in a vacation rental that I adore. It’s like borrowing someone’s home for a short stay.

The places that we are considering for our next trip are Las Vegas, Nevada or Key West, Florida. Neither of us has been to either place and we are excited to explore together. Las Vegas has always held some appeal because it seems like one of those places you have to experience at least once. We aren’t big gamblers, we get bored so we would be going just for the sights and entertainment that it has to offer. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Key West since it’s so laid back.

Hopefully our next trip will be this winter, which means that Vegas would be ruled out because we want to go someplace warm! I can just see myself relaxing at my rental with the blender ready to make the next mixed drink!

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