Excerpts from the letter to myself

I write when I’m happy, sad, mad, irritated…ok you get the point. Whatever I feel I write. Lucky for you guys it’s not all on this blog. I can only let some of the crazy show. I have lots of private stuff that IC has graciously agreed to destroy in the event of my untimely death. (Well I told her she HAS to, you can’t deny someone’s dying wish. And IC that IS my dying wish…see it’s in writing now and all my lovely, great bloggie friends have read it!)

Do you guys have a friend like that? Someone you would trust with pretty much everything inside your head that you’re afraid for the world to see? I hope you do. I trust her to either A. just purge it all or B. she’ll read it, cry cuz she misses me and then think “wow, I’m so glad she kept this shit to herself, crazy bitch. I personally hope she would pick option B because by then I won’t care what she thinks and she might actually smile at some of the thoughts I had.

Guess where C is taking me for my birthday on Saturday! Horseback riding! WEEEEEE!!!!!!

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