Every morning is a new beginning

Alright peoples…I am actually in a chipper mood today. I have no reason for it, which makes it that much better. Here are some thoughts that are running through my head:

– It feels like summer outside! Yes its hot and humid and going to top out around 91 degrees, but it is JULY! It’s about time. No worries, it’s supposed to cool off this weekend!

– I want an elephant ear…bad…like now…but for the first time in FOREVER I’m living paycheck to paycheck. Thank God I get paid on Friday! That elephant ear will be mine!

– I need more cute summer dresses because (a) they make it easy to get dressed in the morning and (b) people actually think I take time getting ready 8)

– I need a haircut, like now!

– I want to do nothing this weekend! No drinking for sure. I’ve been on a binge for a little over a month and I’m TIRED!

– My dad found my sparring video on youtube yesterday and called to chat. Our conversation went like this:
Dad: I saw you on youtube
Me: (thinking he knows what youtube is?) oh yeah
Dad: Why didn’t you tell me you were on youtube
Me: Um because you have the dvd?!
Dad: You should have told me, you won you know
Me: That’s because it was an exhibition match, we both won
Dad: Yeah, but you still won
Me: How come we haven’t sparred in 2 months?
Dad: You don’t tell me you want to spar…
Ok so it’s not funny per se, but think of Jackie Chan talking to you, my Dad sounds like that

– I have a bazillion things on my desk to work on and I want to set my new computer with 2 19′ monitors up. Maybe tomorrow! Yet I sit here and write this blog…

– I keep coming home to chewed up underwear, couches and pillows…Scooby is back to being locked up (insert the Bad Boys song here)

– Kensington Lake is disgustingly dirty and I refuse to go swimming there

– I totally am getting raise at work! *doing a happy dance, stops to think…maybe I should get back to work

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