Corp phone or no?

I’ve been scarce around here but I’ve still been reading blogs on my slow ass phone. I can’t wait until August when I can get a new one. I found out that my new job will reimburse my phone bill but I have to basically give up my contract and join the company contract. I have a hard time with commitment ultimatums…if you haven’t noticed…so this whole concept makes me cringe. I can’t help but think ahead. I mean what if this job doesn’t work out? What if I God forbid get fired or move on? I’ve been with my current cell phone provider so long I’m locked in a pretty good plan. I definitely can’t complain. For me to be able to sync my work email I have to up my data plan to the corporate one which is $13 more a month. Seriously?

So this my dear readers is my question for you. Should I A) suck up the $13 a month or B) get a second phone to serve as my work phone with the other cell phone service provider my company provides (I’d be getting an Iphone to accompany my personal Droid)? Keep in mind I have to pay the bill every month and then get reimbursement in my next check.

What would you do? Decisions, decisions. Help!

PS…I miss being able to post on my blog during the day but I’m loving the opportunities my new job is providing me. I’m so excited for all the things I’m working on and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like that. I’ve already designed a new header for a conference website and am in the process of designing poll graphics 🙂

I may have some social media questions soon and I know a lot of you are way more experienced at using them professionally. When I get used to my new routine I’m hoping to post more often.

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