Belated labor day post

In honor of Labor Day here is a post on all the places I’ve worked:

Hostess – Dario’s Restaurant: I learned how to take orders and about the very interesting type of people that work in restaurants.

Customer Service Associate – Sears: I worked 2 Christmas seasons in the kids department. Never. Again. People are disgusting they pee in dressing rooms. Yes, pee. Sick.

Wayne State – Student Assistant : I worked here for 5 years doing administrative tasks. I actually loved the people I worked with more than the job. We drank and passed out under desks. I had sex once on a said desk. We hung out at the bar afterwards. It was a pretty good time usually. Of course we were all catty talking behind one another’s backs and now I don’t think many of us stayed in touch with one another.

Pure Postcards: It was a mind numbing boring job that I wanted to gouge my eyes out. We were housed in a concrete building with no windows. I took up smoking so I could get a smoke break and hang out on the back deck.

Jani-King – Receptionist: THE. WORST. JOB. EVER. The people were obnoxious and snotty and I was always running around. I was bitchy when I came home every night and I wanted to cry every morning when my alarm went off. A 12-line phone system will do that to you when you have to do all kinds of administrative duties and deal with crabby franchisees. Not to mention your boss is a passive aggressive bitch because she’s as miserable as you are. Not to mention I had to wear pantyhose and dress up EVERY DAY.

Wayne State – Technician: A temporary position doing data entry. Got to hang out with the people from my Student Assistant position but it wasn’t the same.

Current Job – Web Content Admin: LOVE most days.

Where have you worked? What was your favorite job?

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