Corp phone or no?

I’ve been scarce around here but I’ve still been reading blogs on my slow ass phone. I can’t wait until August when I can get a new one. I found out that my new job will reimburse my phone bill but I have to basically give up my contract and join the company contract. I have a hard time with commitment ultimatums…if you haven’t noticed…so this whole concept makes me cringe. I can’t help but think ahead. I mean what if this job doesn’t work out? What if I God forbid get fired or move on? I’ve been with my current cell phone provider so long I’m locked in a pretty good plan. I definitely can’t complain. For me to be able to sync my work email I have to up my data plan to the corporate one which is $13 more a month. Seriously?

So this my dear readers is my question for you. Should I A) suck up the $13 a month or B) get a second phone to serve as my work phone with the other cell phone service provider my company provides (I’d be getting an Iphone to accompany my personal Droid)? Keep in mind I have to pay the bill every month and then get reimbursement in my next check.

What would you do? Decisions, decisions. Help!

PS…I miss being able to post on my blog during the day but I’m loving the opportunities my new job is providing me. I’m so excited for all the things I’m working on and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt like that. I’ve already designed a new header for a conference website and am in the process of designing poll graphics 🙂

I may have some social media questions soon and I know a lot of you are way more experienced at using them professionally. When I get used to my new routine I’m hoping to post more often.

It’s hard to imagine the end – coulda, shoulda, woulda

There aren’t a lot of pictures of my mom and I when I was in high school and in college. Dialysis made her retain water and she was self-conscious about the way she looked. At times the stint in her arm wasn’t working so she had to get one put in her neck. She tried to hide it with a scarf and then when they were able to take it out it left a noticeable scar. She never complained and she hid it well when she was feeling lousy.

She never made me change my life to accommodate her, sometimes I wish she did. I was a selfish teenager that didn’t fully understand my mom’s situation. I took her for granted because it was too hard to think she may not be there, I just thought she’d get better.

I’ve been walking in the Detroit Kidney walks for over a decade and the tradition started with my mom rallying to raise money and to spend the day together at the walk. I walk in memory of my mom and to remember all the people that are affected by kidney disease. Not just the patients, but their family and friends too.

My favorite mistakes

I heard Sheryl Crow’s My Favorite Mistake on the radio the other day and I got to thinking about all the “mistakes” I made that I didn’t regret.

…being fraaaaaaannnnds with 2 of my good friend’s ex-boyfriend in high school (yes they dated the same guy and yes I introduced both of them to him). We never officially dated, I didn’t trust him enough to date him but we had fun together. I think it bothered both of them but I’m glad I did it anways.

…when I was 16 I stayed out all night hanging out at the 7-11with the guy that worked there, he was 6 years older than me. Not the smartest thing to do.

…Wearing red and black snakskin pleather pants to Canada to go clubbing

…Contacting old friends if only for the closure

…Moving to Florida, if only to move back 8 months later

What are some of your favorite mistakes?

R & R weekends with sunshine

Whenever holidays come around I feel torn about feeling obligated to go to a family gathering or spending quality time with my own little family. I’ll be honest that 8 out of 10 times I choose the quality family time ignoring the disdain of extended family at skipping dinner.

Easter isn’t a holiday that registers with me. I was raised Catholic but I don’t practice and haven’t for some years now. I don’t have kids to take to egg hunts or color eggs with so aside for the Easter candy I don’t have much involvement with it. Instead, C and I ran our errands and picked up a soccer ball. We took the dogs to a near by community college and kicked the ball around for part of the afternoon.

Scooby was too exhausted to even sit up during the ride home

I wish I would have gotten video of Liko with the soccer ball. He would chase it down, running at top speed, and when he tried to stop as he got to it he ended up rolling over the ball. It was entertaining, trust me.

I spent an absurd amount of time watching hockey this weekend too. Every game that was on to be exact, with the exception of Nashville/Anaheim because it wasn’t broadcast on national television.

How was your weekend?

Missing tkd

Almost a month ago I wrote about how I feel guilty because I was burnt out on taekwondo. Well, I have officially not worked out at the tkd school in 2 weeks and I’m crabby with withdrawls. I feel gross and useless. I’ve been jogging between 1-2 miles a couple times a week along with 3-4 mile bike rides and some ab/leg workouts. I even threw some pushups in but you know what? I feel awful. I feel unbalanced and weak.

I know this sounds dramatic, and it’s quite possible I am being a tad of a drama queen. I can tell the difference in my body and attitude since I stopped going. So to rectify this, starting next week, Wednesday, I will be making a conscious effort to get back to my dojo. Not to mention that I miss my dad! I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks either!

What about last week my dad’s school flooded with rain water? Seriously, sometimes he has the worst luck!

This weekend I won’t be around much. Like a lot of others I have lots of plans and sunshine to absorb. I hope your long weekend (If you are in the US) is wonderful. Take a moment to remember what the holiday is for.

On friendship

In the times where you aren’t really sure about yourself or the things that you are doing it is NECESSARY to have girlfriends to rely on. It doesn’t matter how independent you are or how much you like your quiet time you need to have someone to just listen, nod and make you smile. A hug once in awhile doesn’t hurt either.

I’ve always had a hard time making friends but most of the friends I do make tend to be the shoulders I turn to when I need to cry or the ears I need to listen. I guess they are the people that love me for me and without them I would be lost.

This whole blogging thing is like internet dating for friends and I have to say that it’s one of the greatest things I’ve been involved in.

My promise is that next week I’ll get back to my normal blogging on senseless and useless chatter. I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend. I’m going with the No Plan Plan as suggested by LP and invented during the I’m Naked in Public weekend.

Oh boy…do I have stories!

Bring on the bleach

Last night at tkd my dad told me he was leaving and I needed to teach class. When I asked why he said it was because he pulled an all nighter. Yes people, my dad can hang better than me and pull all nighters.

When FPD asked why he was leaving he told him because he pulled an all nighter and FPD proceeded to ask if it was with his girlfriend.

Um hello…I’m sitting right there. I DO NOT need to know this.

My dad laughs and says it’s because he was up all night finishing painting but wishes it would have been with his girlfriend.

Bleach. I need bleach for my ears, eyes and mind. Seriously.

Love, Beauty, and Aphrodite

You won’t believe what I stumbled upon recently. It’s this amazing Greek goddess called Aphrodite, and I am absolutely fascinated by her story. She’s the greek goddess of beauty, and let me tell you, her tale is as captivating as it gets.

Aphrodite, often depicted as the epitome of grace and allure, is a symbol of beauty and love in Greek mythology. What’s so incredible about her is not just her ethereal beauty but also the intriguing tales that surround her.

One thing that really struck me is how Aphrodite’s birth is nothing short of mythic. Legend has it that she emerged from the sea foam near the coast of Cyprus, and the moment she touched the shore, the whole world burst into bloom. Imagine being so beautiful that your mere existence transforms the world around you into a paradise!

Aphrodite’s power extends beyond physical beauty; she embodies the idea that love and beauty are forces that shape our world. She has the ability to make gods and mortals alike fall head over heels in love, and her influence over matters of the heart is unparalleled.

One of her most famous stories involves the “Judgment of Paris,” where she competed with two other goddesses, Athena and Hera, for the title of the fairest. Paris, a mortal prince, was chosen to judge, and Aphrodite, being the cunning goddess she is, promised him the love of the most beautiful mortal woman, Helen of Troy. This led to the infamous Trojan War, which changed the course of history. It’s incredible how one goddess’s beauty and charisma could have such profound consequences!

But what I love most about Aphrodite is that she represents more than just physical beauty. She embodies the idea that love, in all its forms, is a fundamental force in our lives. It’s not just about romantic love, but also the love between friends, family, and humanity as a whole. Her story teaches us that beauty isn’t just skin deep; it’s about the love and kindness we share with others.

Meh x 100

I don’t want to say I’m in a funk (again) but I feel anxious. I’m counting down the days until my 4 day weekend with the girls. That I’m excited about.

This past weekend I opted out of going up to the cottage with C. He took Scooby and left Friday afternoon.

This weekends highlights:

  • Breakfast with the most fabulous Jenni
  • Cleaning out my car – finally!
  • Buying sparkly earrings
  • ice cream – even if it was the strangest experience ever


  • Way too much time to think
  • Feeling like a complete idiot
  • Wondering what the hell my problems is

In other news, I wrote a post for my usually boring family blog that  I think was very open.  For the first time I think I gave my family blog some personality.  I’m terrified of people responding to it though.

Even though my weekend was quiet, I’m still very disturbed.  I need some loud music and distractions ASAP!

Inside the OnePlus 7

The OnePlus 7, released in 2019, was a pivotal addition to the OnePlus family. This device was powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset, which boasted significant processing power and improved power efficiency. With up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, the OnePlus 7 promised to provide a seamless and speedy user experience.

Display and Design

One of the standout features of the OnePlus 7 was its 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. The device offered vibrant colors and deep blacks, all encased in a sleek and minimalist design. The teardrop notch at the top of the screen housed a 16-megapixel front-facing camera, ensuring stunning selfies.

Camera Technology

The OnePlus 7 packed a dual-camera setup on the rear, consisting of a 48-megapixel primary sensor and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. This setup allowed for excellent low-light photography, thanks to the Nightscape mode. The device also recorded 4K videos at 60 frames per second, making it a competent choice for mobile photography enthusiasts.

Software and User Interface

Running on OxygenOS, OnePlus’ custom Android-based operating system, the OnePlus 7 provided a near-stock Android experience with some useful enhancements. Gesture-based navigation and the well-optimized UI contributed to the phone’s smooth performance.

The Challenge: FRP Lock

Now, let’s delve into the topic of FRP (Factory Reset Protection) and its significance. FRP is a security feature designed to protect Android devices from unauthorized access after a factory reset. When the FRP lock is enabled, the device requires the Google account credentials previously associated with the device to be entered before it can be used again. This security measure is a crucial deterrent against theft and unauthorized access.

Unlocking FRP on the OnePlus 7

While the FRP lock is an essential security feature, there are instances where users may need to unlock their device without the original Google account credentials. For example, if you forget your Google account password or purchase a second-hand device, then you need to use oneplus 7 frp unlock tool.

To unlock FRP on the OnePlus 7, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Power On: Turn on your OnePlus 7 and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Language Selection: Choose your preferred language and tap “Start.”
  3. Connect to a Network: Connect to a Wi-Fi network and tap “Next.”
  4. Google Account Verification: You will be prompted to verify your Google account by entering the email and password associated with the device. If you don’t have access to these credentials, it can be a roadblock.
  5. Bypass FRP: To bypass FRP on the OnePlus 7, some users have resorted to various tools and methods available online. However, it’s important to exercise caution when using such methods, as they may void your warranty and compromise your device’s security.
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