Annoyance 1 & 2

I was at aerial yoga and I witnessed something that annoys me like woah (do people still say that? No? I’m stuck in 1999? Ok, then.). There was this girl and she was irritated we started on the trapeze because she was getting callouses. Which makes me wonder, why are you doing aerial yoga? The point is to get callouses so it doesn’t hurt as bad to do tricks…Anyhow, so that was annoyance number 1. She went on to complain that because of the callouses her wedding ring didn’t fit.

Waaaaa…Waaaa…Waaaa…Who’s forcing you to be here?

Annoyance number 2 is something bigger and one of my biggest pet peeves ever. Her husband comes with her and sits with his little laptop. It’s not like he comes to see her awesomeness, no he sits in his little chair with his wireless antenna. The only excuse that would be acceptable is if she couldn’t drive. So if that’s why, ok I’ll give her a pass and even apologize. If not, well then, What. The. Fuck.

I’ve never understood couples that are joined at the hip having to do EVERYTHING together. If my opinion, and hello that’s the only one that counts right now, it’s unhealthy. I can’t imagine spending every waking hour with C that I’m not working. I’m pretty sure someone would be dead. We have our own hobbies and interests. You won’t catch me anywhere near the Michigan Speedway, unless the Indy Racing League decided to come back to town.

It’s written in stone that I never have to ask for permission to go somewhere or do something. Of course I’ll give C the common courtesy of letting him know what I’m doing, even going so far as putting it in our synced calendar. He laughs when the reminder for aerial yoga goes off.

I don’t know, I just needed to get that off my chest. If you’re that girl from aerial yoga reading, I’m sorry I used you as an example but you are the most recent case I’ve encountered.

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