A message from above

I’m 26 and I’ve never dyed my hair. My Mom instilled fear in me whenever I would bring it up when I was in high school. “Your hair will NEVER be the same!” she’d tell me. I was always proud that I inherited my mom’s hair. She didn’t start coloring her hair until she discovered some grays and even then it wasn’t a regular occurence. I have to say that I love the color of my hair. In the winter it looks black, BUT IT’S NOT! (I have feelings about this) It’s actually just dark, dark brown. In the summer the sun brings out the red highlights that I believe I inherited from my Irish Great-Grandmother. (Yes I’m Irish thankyouverymuch. At least about 1/8 🙂 I’m also 5/8 Filipino so some people laugh when I say I’m Irish)

Recently I was thinking about saying “fuck it” and dying my hair. I go through stages where I just want to be different, haha maybe be someone else 😉 I was at the doctor’s office when this mother and daughter sat down next to me. They were talking about the color of her daughter’s hair, which was a very dark brown.

Mother: I wish I would never let you dye it, it’s NEVER going to be the same

Dauther: You don’t like the color?

Mother: It doesn’t look natural, it’s a nice color but you had such beautiful auburn hair before you dyed it. It’s NEVER going to be the same.

Daughter: Yes it will

Mother: No it won’t

Needless to say, I abandoned the idea of toying with the color of my hair.

*looks up to the bright blue sky, “I hear you Mom, I promise I won’t dye it”

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