A ‘hot’ old broad

Well, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way. Then we’ll move on to a much needed laugh.

Please keep my Dad in your thoughts, he is moving his school to a new location. They were supposed to have his space ready by December 15th (when he needs to be out of his current location). He called them for 2 months asking about the progress and nothing was getting done.

They finally started this past weekend but there is no way it will be done by the 15th. He is going to have to close and reopen hopefully the first week of September. This is not good for him financially at all. I don’t understand why if you are so talented at something it is so hard to succeed. He put everything he had into this school. When a lot of your parents are retiring he will still have to work. Please keep you fingers crossed that this move will be beneficial in enrolling more students and that his current students will come back in September.



After dropping our stuff off at the cabin we headed into town to get something to eat and pick up some groceries. We found ourselves at a bar with a very cute patio looking out on Lake Huron. It was breezy but perfect patio weather. I ordered a bloody mary and as usual the waitress carded me. This happens all the time and I’m ok with it. I’ve always been told ‘you look so young, when you are older you’ll appreciate it’. I mean I’m already starting to be grateful for it.

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