The home away from home

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done since I was a child. I went to the sub-wide garage sales around my house. I used to go every summer with my Grandma. She would give me, LP and AP a couple dollars in quarters and off we’d go.

Since buying our cottage we’ve needed little things like tables, glasses and odds and ends and I figured that going to some garage sales would be perfect. JP came with me and scored some cool stuff while I feel in love it with it all over again. I spent $36.50

shelf – $4
lamp – $4
table – $2
glider – $15
Drink Sign – $1
5 Glasses (in plastic bag) – .25
Comforter – $2
Blanket – $3
Cabinet – $5
Liko – not included 🙂

Friday night we made the 3 hour trek up north, which ended up taking closer to 4 hours because of the torrential downpour. We picked up LP while I had a panic attack from hell the whole ride up there. It was truly awful. LP and C are two peas in a pod. She’s become good friends with C over the years and they can both put down some beer. They drank a 12 pack Friday night in a couple hours when we first arrived. It would have been more but C wasn’t thinking and when they finished those all the stores were closed.

Saturday began with a frantic search for coffee only to find that the town was out of power (not us thankfully). Burger King was open so we stood in a relatively short line for a long amount of time. When we got back around 11 there was a 24 case of beer and shitload of floor tiles and paint calling our names. C started on the floors while LP and I painted the last bedroom (a blue that I later decided is WAY too dark, but I don’t want to redo it!).

We finished somewhere around 12:30am. So 13.5 hours and 36 beers later (I didn’t have any and they had to get another 12 pack) the living room, 1 bedroom and kitchen were tiled and the last bedroom was painted. Without LP we wouldn’t have gotten so much done. The joke was C is a Union worker, taking as many breaks as possible or getting distracted by shiny objects. LP and I on the other hand are immigrant workers or woman…who just want to get shit done.

Workin’ for the weekend

I moved the furniture around a bit so if you are in a reader, you may want to come check out the new design. The next item on my blog agenda is to update my “in my reader” section. Some of you have cute little buttons that I will be sure to grab when I get around to it.

I’ve really been working for the weekend. I’ve lost about 90% of my motivation to do anything that is not cottage related. I just want it to be comfy, cozy so we can start having people come up with us. Which is weird because when we bought our house I didn’t feel like that at all. I mean yes, I wanted to get the little cleaning and painting we needed done but we aren’t big on having people over. Clearly, I wasn’t born a hostess. Our basement is still a wreck from when it flooded in April.

I guess it’s because our house, to me, will always be a work in progress while the cottage there is an end. At least there are certain projects that need to be finished before the start of summer or June 1st, whichever comes first.

We are going to home depot tonight to look for cheap flooring (yay!) and then I’m going to make some vegetable noodle soup and grilled cheese for dinner on this rainy, chilly day.