Pass the pint of ice cream

I’m a pretty confident girl. Sure, I have my days where I feel disgusting but for the most part I don’t complain. Of course I check out other girls but I never feel a real jealousy. I think she’s pretty and move on, we all have our positive attributes.

With the exception of this one girl. I don’t even know her, she’s an ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend/fiance and every time I see her picture my confidence deflates. (Thank you Facebook!) I know how ridiculous this sounds. Believe me. She’s the kind of girl that makes me want to starve myself and eat a container of chocolate chip cookies simultaneously to make myself feel better.

Since I have no willpower to give up food, I usually end up doing the latter. She’s tall (5′9) and slender, something that I will never, ever be. Clearly, by now I’m done growing topping off at 5′3 and I’m not built to be slender. I’d classify myself as athletic and not just because I play sports. She’s probably graceful and not a huge klutz like me. You get the picture…

I guess on the bright side whenever I’m feeling way too happy or good about myself , I know how to get rid of my big head.

Do you ever feel this way? Why? Who? I’m not the only one, right?

Aerial bloggers & weekend recap

These past couple of Mondays have been awful for me. Today I’m blaming it on the fact I haven’t slept well. I’ve been dreaming like I’m watching tv. I don’t know the people in my dreams and it’s just life that’s going on. Last night was all about this woman getting married on the beach. I don’t even know, it was boring but I couldn’t “change the channel or turn it off”. I’ve also been running around since Friday and I don’t think my mind ever had a chance to unwind.

If you follow me on twitter you might have saw my annoying tweets about not going to taekwondo and then yes I am going. I called my dad to tell him I wasn’t going to make it but then was filled with this shame, like I was being a disappointment for not going. After a half an hour of feeling like I made the wrong decision I called him back and said I was coming in.

I test in 12 days! I have to get 6 photos to turn in with my 1st degree application. I will be considered a weapon. Heh, me a weapon.

I worked from home on Friday. I think I actually worked harder on Friday than during the week because I not only worked for work but I cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, dishes, ran to target and made it to taekwondo. It was crazy. I got up at 9 and didn’t sit down until 4 to watch Lady Gaga on Oprah and then left to go to taekwondo. I’m tired just thinking about my Friday.

Saturday was a lot of errand running after I got my ass kicked at sparring.

And Sunday, oh Sunday. I met up with Ginger Mandy and Sarah for our first aerial yoga class. It was so much fun! I can’t wait to go back next week. And these ladies are all kinds of awesome.

Hi, how are ya?

I’m hella shy and I’m definitely guilty of lurking on many blogs.  I think my subscriptions are at 174 and I probably comment on 30? Maybe.

If you feel up to it you can answer any, all, one or of course none of the following random questions.  Because I am random, am I not?

  • Coffee. How do you feel about it?
  • If you could only have one fruit for the rest of your life what would it be?
  • What kind of underwear do you wear the most of?  Bikinis? Boyshorts? Thongs? Granny Panties? Boxers? Tighty Whiteys? Something I haven’t mentioned?
  • Anything you’ve read here in my little piece of internet heaven you have a question about or want clarification?
  • Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Black or Purple?