Honest scrap – you don’t want to miss my revelations!

The rules are to tell you 10 honest things about myself and then pass this beauty along. Since I’m pretty open here (well about things I put up here haha) everything is honest. So here goes!

  1. I think my biggest pet peeve is people who are narrow minded and only have an opinion about something because someone else does.  I hate ignorance.   If you don’t have information to back up your opinion you should keep your mouth shut.
  2. I think if someone does something nice for you you should acknowledge the act. No one likes being taken advantage of.
  3. Recently I’ve realized the importance of saying Thank You and I Love You and meaning it.
  4. I think I would die without chocolate and cheese, though preferably not together.
  5. I’m pretty sure that the person I think of myself as is not the person everyone else sees.
  6. I need help putting together a resume to apply for freelance writing.  I know some of you already do this.  Can I pick your brains? Please?
  7. I’m ok with not knowing where I will be in the next 5 years, or year for that matter.  Life is about evolving and I learned I don’t always need to know the answers.  It’s a journey, right?
  8. I dress my dogs up, mostly Liko.  He loves and hates it at the same time.  I also do it in secret because I laugh when I see dogs dressed up in public.
  9. believe in gay marriage, the right to adopt, freedom of speech and religion (which sometimes I don’t believe we honestly have) and sometimes I’m a conspiracy theorist.  Though talking with me you may not know that because even though I believe in those things I’m not going to argue with you about it unless you try to pressure me into thinking your way.
  10. I love blogging more than chocolate and cheese.  Well…maybe they are tied.  I love you guys

I’d love to hear 10 honest things about you, consider yourself tagged!  Sometimes I hate when bloggers do that because sometimes I feel weird taking stuff off their page, but I’m really giving it to you! LOL

If you do it please let me know!

Drawing a line about holidays

I’m feeling a little bit guilty. I have a Great-Aunt that was very close to my mom and I’ve tried to keep that perfect daughter/niece view alive but I’m floundering. This past year I’ve realized that though I love spending time with my family I want to start my own traditions.

So for thanksgiving I politely declined showing up to her house at 2pm. C and I have talked and we are spending Christmas Eve apart so we can see both our families. I got an email this weekend from Great-Aunt asking if we would be coming to Christmas Day dinner. I politely declined again because though I have always seen her both days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, this year I want to spend Christmas Day in my pj’s with my dogs and C.

Is this wrong?

Why do I feel guilty for hurting her feelings? I’ve asked her multiple times to help me set up a time for lunch. She never responded. I know that I could be more aggressive. Does it have to come down to I’m a bad great niece because I want to spend Christmas at home?

You guys, I even emailed her and told her I don’t particularly enjoy the holidays. She never responded. Maybe it’s because she didn’t know what to say. Maybe she is hurt that I’m not coming over. I do not know.

Does this make me a bad person? My greatest fear is that my mom would be disappointed, but on the other hand I’ve always been independent and made my own decisions. She may not like what I’m doing but I think she’d understand. Right?



I have hit the low point. The one thing that now makes me an adult.

I’ve been fearing this day.

I can take that I like to be in bed by 10 on weekdays and asleep by 11.

I accept that I can’t take multiple swigs from vodka and whiskey bottles without wanting to gag and that stumbling around will lead to a bad morning.

I am responsible and have a 8-5 job.

It’s ok for the most part that girls’ weekends are few and far between.

What I can’t take is that…

I can no longer drink coffee at 8pm at night and still be able to sleep.

I met JP for dinner last night and since we were still chatting I ordered a coffee with Bailey’s and Kahlua in it. (YUM!) Not thinking anything of it. Neither coffee or pop keeps me up. (or so I thought)

I slept maybe 4 hours last night and it was not all at the same time. It was HORRIBLE.

I don’t wanna be an adult.

Finding a home away from home

C and I are thinking about taking a vacation sometime this winter. I’ve said before that I don’t really care for staying in hotels. I like to be able to cook and and have breakfast staples in the fridge. I know that in some hotels you can do this but there is something about staying in a vacation rental that I adore. It’s like borrowing someone’s home for a short stay.

The places that we are considering for our next trip are Las Vegas, Nevada or Key West, Florida. Neither of us has been to either place and we are excited to explore together. Las Vegas has always held some appeal because it seems like one of those places you have to experience at least once. We aren’t big gamblers, we get bored so we would be going just for the sights and entertainment that it has to offer. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Key West since it’s so laid back.

Hopefully our next trip will be this winter, which means that Vegas would be ruled out because we want to go someplace warm! I can just see myself relaxing at my rental with the blender ready to make the next mixed drink!