Monday can be over now

I need a break from work, so I’m going to bullet my weekend. I know you are totally like, ’sweet, thanks for telling me that’.

  • Tae Kwon Do tournament Saturday
    • It was an hour behind, I was one of the first events. I was there from 10am-6pm. That made me crabby
    • I went for a jog at 8am. I suck at jogging that early
  • Grocery shopping
  • I had to get up at 6:30am on a Sunday
  • Kidney Walk at the Detroit Zoo
      • we got some free food but there was no coffee
      • The polar bears were quite active
      • The sun was shining but the wind was chilly
      • I finally got to give M her birthday present & hold her 3yrold hand
    • Hanging out with my dad, C and my closet friends
  • Went to see IC’s dad in the hospital, pray for him please. He’s been unconscious for over a week now
  • He was at the same hospital that my mom was at so it was a little hard for me
  • Watched the Wings Game! 5-2 Wings!!! W00T!
  • Got sucked into a Lifetime Movie

I’m defintely not ready for it to be Monday!  Especially when it seems like everyone and their mom was working over the weekend.  Geez my inbox is a little overloaded!  Not to mention those same people are blowing up my phone.  Leave me alone!  Also, a meeting from 1-3 makes me crabby.

Hope you are having a better Monday!

Saving you is not heroic

Ok Girls and Boys (mostly girls). Here is another post where I go on a rant. I can cuz you know this is my blog and all. I hope I won’t offend anyone but sometimes I need to get some shit off my chest. I recently read this and wanted to throw something at my computer screen.

Someone I know had wrote something along the lines of this…

My hero is Blah Blah Blah (insert name of significant other) he/she will save me.

You are fucking moron. What are you a five year old that needs fucking training wheels for life? You can’t stand on your own two feet, you have to depend on your significant other to save you from your fucking self? Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your actions. For the things you do and don’t do. Don’t sit there and tell me it’s your significant other that keeps you in check, keeps you sober, keeps you alive*. Fuck you, you idiot.

God is hero
Someone in military is a hero
Parents are heroes

People have to do something heroic to be a hero. And keeping you in line is not heroic. Grow up! It’s not cute any more. Who would you be without your significant other? Do you need them to remember how to breathe? I can’t stand couples where you can’t tell where someone ends and the other begins.

I had this same vile reaction last summer when someone said to me “if it wasn’t for you C would end up just like ***”. If it wasn’t a funeral I would have responded with, “He is his own person. He doesn’t need me to be better. He can do that on his own. I don’t own him, I don’t tell him what to do and I sure as hell am not saving him from himself. I’m not arrogant enough to want to have that responsibility. We are responsible for ourselves and the actions we take.”

/*end rant/

*I should mention that the person in question is healthy and stable. They for some reason thinks it’s poetic to think that they can’t be complete alone and they need someone to save them from themselves. Sorry buddy but I think you are just pathetic. The whole situation is pathetic.

This friday’s fitness plan

I am the biggest dork ever. Really. So we are under a winter storm warning and it had been snowing all day so I work early and gave up plans on going to tae kwon do. BOO!

I promised myself that I would work out. So when I got home I vacuumed up all the dead ants (ants you say? yeah fucking big carpenter ants that are raining on my ‘owning a house’ parade. terminix is coming out tomorrow) and moved some furniture around. Then I put on some workout pants and began with my tkd warm-ups and stretches.

I should probably mention that I’ve also cranked my running playlist on our awesome new home theater sound thingy (C makes fun of me for calling it a sound system) that has a dock for your ipod. I did some situps and pushups on our exercise ball and then for 45 minutes I jumped around non-stop.

Jumped around is kind of a general term. I was boxing, kicking, pole (no I don’t have an actual pole) club dancing, 80’s dancing. It was seriously a good time. I made sure to pull down all the shades so in case my neighbors walked by they wouldn’t see me. We only met one neighbor and I don’t think I want the others to know think we are crazy yet 🙂

My house is set up kind of cool. The kitchen and living room are connect on both sides so I ran some laps and the dogs chased me. I haven’t had so much fun working out in a long time. And let me tell you 45 minutes of constantly moving is tiring and believe me I sweated so it counts as a workout.

I enjoy being drama-free

I am a drama-phobe. I hate drama. I hate being in the middle.

I don’t want to give details but I jokingly told A not to have B call me when when B can’t find you because I get worried. A took it literally and told B not to call me anymore. Seriously? So when I called B to confirm that A was fine she was short with me and I knew exactly what happened.

I knew this was going to eat at me all day. B was worried about A and she had every right to call me. So I called B and left her a voicemail because I just want everything to be out in the open. No he said she said crap. I hope that was the right thing and she doesn’t think I’m an idiot.

(I know this probably makes no sense but I needed to get it off my chest)

Smile it’s friday

Phew it’s finally Friday!  I don’t know what my problem is.  I had Tuesday off and this week still seemed SO long!  How was it for you?  It’s been relatively quite here in Ria-land.  I have something to share and  I know some of you are anxious for me to blog about it (you know who you are hehe).  If you know me IRL or are friends with me on Facebook, you know what I’m talking about.  But until I have some pictures you will have to wait.  Muhahahaha (did I do the evil laugh right?)

Here are some bullets for you:

  • I finished reading Twilight and am going to buy New Moon hopefully today at lunch.  I have to say it’s a good read.  It definitely touches the teenage part of me that I will probably never outgrow.  🙂  Oh fairytales.
  • I know what I’m getting C for Christmas and it’s on sale but I have no time to get over there so it’s kind of stressing me out.  How are you guys doing with your holiday shopping?
  • I have next Friday off so I guess that’s when I’ll be doing most of my baking.  I’m excited to have a whole day for it.  MMMM cookies!