Can we say addict?

Seriously those were the hardest 5 days of my life. I literally would see something and want to twitter about it. And then I’d realize that I didn’t have my laptop and I forgot how to do it by phone. I had tons of little stories I couldn’t wait to blog about. I have a little notepad in my purse but do you think I wrote anything down?! NO! WTF is wrong with me?

Even as we departed for the airport at 4am in the morning I looked longingly at my laptop and asked C if I should take it. He told me no. He doesn’t understand the connection (healthy or not) I have with the interwebz. C’mon it’s like cutting me off from civilization. C likes to talk on the phone, I do not.

Well let’s correct that, there are certain people I will jump over couches and chairs to talk to on the phone. But the majority of my communication is through email, texting and my blog. Even twitter! I didn’t even understand twitter when it first came out but now I look forward to opening it.

I know I’m sick! Don’t judge me.

We were even going to go to the public library and I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. C asked what my hurry was. Hello! What you can’t see my hands aching to type on a keyboard?! Alas, they were closed 🙁 I saw signs for the library in Clearwater but we were on our way to an art fair and C couldn’t wait to get to the beach so I had to push the urge to check my email aside. (it was hard let me tell you)

I’m hoping to upload some pics of the sunshine tonight. I know I suck at bringing it home with me.

Summer Lovin’

It was the summer of 2004. Lucky me, I was getting to go to Hawaii for a work conference. (Yes, you read that right. HAWAII. For a WORK conference. How awesome is that?) 10 days in paradise. Only half a day actually spent at the conference. One night, the girls I went with and I go to a luau and as we board the bus, we notice a cute guy sitting across the aisle with some girls.

Figuring one of the girls had to be his girlfriend, I didn’t think much of it. During the trip, we all strike up a conversation and by the time we actually get to the luau we are fast friends. We all sit together and there is definitely some flirting going on between me and Cute Boy. By the end of the luau, we’ve kissed a few times. Oh the sparks! Here I am, in Hawaii (quite possibly one of the most romantic places ever) and I’m kissing a cute boy!

Turns out he’s there for the same conference. We exchange numbers and two days later, we meet up and spend some quality time together… dinner, kissing, etc. The following day we go snorkeling together. By the end of the trip I was convinced I was in love. How can you not fall in love in Hawaii?

We go out for dinner, drinks, and dancing on my last night there. He was a perfect gentleman and treated me so well for the week or so we were together. He even got up bright and early the morning I was leaving to have breakfast with me one more time.

Now given that he lived in California and I (at the time) lived in Florida, there wasn’t a high probability that we’d make our summer romance last. And we didn’t. Oh we talked a couple times after I left, but the plans of visiting one another never panned out.

Looking back on it, I think I’m glad it remained just a vacation fling. It was wonderfully romantic and I will always think of him fondly instead of trying to make something last when it ultimately probably never would have worked out. But I still have a shirt of his and keep a picture of the two of us up in my house to remind me of how good guys really do exist.

What about you guys? Has anyone else had a summer romance or vacation fling? And if so, has it ever turned into something more than just a summer fling? Am I the only one who thinks that vacation loves are the most romantic things ever?

Tell me what’s sexy.

Uhhh…omg I volunteered to guest post and now I have nothing to write. There’s always sooo much pressure to write something funny and great and have it be all that and a bag of chips. Yes chips. Chips are good. Sometimes.

So I wanted to ask- what is sexy to you?

I had this conversation with a friend a few days ago because (don’t judge) I want a corset. Specifically, the one in Victoria’s Secret. I found it online last week and haven’t been able to tell myself no from getting it. A corset though! How 1900’s of me right? But it’s seriously a throw back to old Hollywood glamour and I love it.

My friend and I were discussing how women sometimes just wear sexy undergarments for just themselves. A confidence booster. You know we all feel sexy and confident when we’re secretly wearing something fabulous. Well- at least I do. 🙂 I’m , despite just putting it all out there for the public, too shy to really admit I want this. And I can’t get over the fact that it’s a corset and haven’t women worked hard to get away from the constraints men have put us in? Think- women’s movement. Anyways… sexy is not just glam undergarments.

The guy who wears oddly paired clothes, who can’t dance to save his soul but tries so hard, who makes you laugh, who eases your fears about being judged about something etc is sexy. I’m a simple girl underneath the makeup, hair, Coach purses, Blackberry, and inheritance. I don’t care about money or where you come from or what you do. A guy willing to make it past all that- is sexy.

Old Hollywood Glam anything is sexy.

Vintage is sexy.

Confidence, humor, honesty and ambition is sexy.

But you know what is not sexy? THIS. Apparently some people use this as exercise. You can thank me later for that link. 🙂

Ok- now for some answers- what does sexy mean to you?

Wanting this day to be over

Because I’m leaving for Florida at 6am tomorrow! Woohoo! You know what a 6am flight means though right? I have to get up at 3am to get ready and to the airport in time to sit around and wait for my flight. Joy. But I can’t complain because it was 29 degrees this morning when I got into my car after scrapping the ice off. 29 motherf-ing degrees.

I. Am. NOT. Ready. For. Winter!


Have you taken a moment out of your day to realize that today is in fact Veteran’s day? Thank a Vet for your freedom, we have no idea what they have endured for people they don’t even know.


Anyone interested in guest posting for me while I’m gone? I know nothing like a last minute request hehe. Email me if you think you might want to.

wtf am i talking about?

I haz a happy hangover today. Yesterday was full of hope, relief and was generally a good day. Last night I met some family for dinner that I haven’t seen in much too long. It was relaxing and I truly had a great time.

Today? Ugh I woke up at 1am feeling completely shitty I’m not sure why. But I will tell you that peppermint tea can work wonders!

——–On to something not completely related————

I want to talk about ‘hurling’ under the influence. My little bar escapade on Halloween was lots of fun and I was able to drive home without having to worry. I indulged in 6 or 7 jager bombs at my friends condo before we went out. If I haven’t said it before I’m the cheapest date ever. I’m a lightweight and my friends constantly make fun of me. So I was pretty drunk before we left.

But at the first bar it was all smokey and I needed some fresh air.

It’s a fact that when I pass a certain point of drunkenness you better get me outside or I will “ralph” somewhere. I can’t even promise I won’t puke outside cuz I’ve done that a few times too (sitting in a camping chair, off the side of a deck, outside of the Post Bar…). It seems to be a general consensus that when you aren’t feeling so hot with all that alcohol in your system you need some air.

I wonder if my constant need for air is mental. I didn’t drink much in high school. Sure IC and I did shots of peppermint schnapps and stole some other sips from whatever was in the basement cabinet but we never got flat out drunk. Oh no. That didn’t happen until we took our trips up north. We had a friend that would always remind us of “Mind over Matter” and would escort us out of his basement and into the cool night air. I never once ‘lost my cookies’ there. Thank God cuz really that would have been embarrassing 😉

So back to Halloween. I had to get out of the first bar, everything was making my stomach turn. Luckily the next bar we went to had the door wide open and the mild air was circulating the smoke and perfume haze. No hurried trips to the nasty bathroom for me (what? you’ve never done that?!)

I didn’t spend any money that night. By the time we left the bar at 1am I hadn’t had a drink in 4 hours and by the time we got back to the condo I was fine. Which is great cuz I would much rather sleep in my own bed.

Today is a good day

OK let’s get on with it. I voted, did you?

So if you don’t vote you are lame. 1. that’s a big FAIL and 2. you have four years ahead of you where you can’t complain about anything since you didn’t do you part!

Cool now that that is done with we can get on to other stuff.

What stuff do you ask? I’m not really sure. I don’t have a lot going on today. I’m anxious about the election, mostly because I just need to know whether I need to move to Canada or not.

I’m wearing probably the ugliest shirt that I own, but it’s one of my favorites. I think it’s because it makes me feel waif-like. And c’mon I’ll never be waif-like. Wait. Wait. I’m athletic. My bones are anything but petite and I’m not graceful. I’m as clumsy as they come.

Speaking of clumsy my dad kicked me square in the head last night. He said it wasn’t that hard, but he did ask if I was seeing stars and then preceeded to laugh. He also informed me that it was my fault he got me in the head. Um Hm. I love my dad. (for those of you that are new here, my dad is a 3rd degree black belt in tkd and also my Instructor)

I leave for Florida in 8 days. 8 days! I love planning last minute trips.

You guys it’s 70fuckingdegrees here! Do you know how awesome that is and how wonderful that makes my day? I’ve had a couple things to make my day wonderful as well.

I can’t wait to go home so I can crank my music up on my drive home and sing at the top of my lungs. That’s what days like this make me want to do. Roll the window down, turn the music up, and pretend I can sing. I love sunshine!

How was your election day?!

When you think it’s as bad as it’s going to get it gets worse

When it’s not one thing it’s another. We had to take Liko, our 15lbs rat terrier to the emergency vet. When we got home from grocery shopping we noticed an Advil bottle laying in the middle of the floor. We predict that he ate at least 6 and not more than 15 tablets. His eyes were glazed and his little body swayed when he tried to walk. Than the vomiting started. We are talking projectile (sorry that was probably TMI).

The emergency vet told me I had to call the ASPCA poison control before I came in. There was $60 out the window. He has to stay at the hospital for fluids and charcoal for the next 24 hours and than they will decide if he needs to stay. The biggest fears are renal failure or damage and ulcers.

Luckily, we caught it early and his vomiting may have helped. Tomorrow we might have to have him transfered to his normal vet for more fluids and a renal check. You don’t even want to know how much this is costing and I don’t even have the final amount. But what are you supposed to do? Refuse treatment? I don’t think so.

*sigh there goes our vacation 🙁

Hopefully little Liko will be feeling better by tomorrow.