I broke down

I finally did it, I broke down and bought a laptop. MA will back me up here, I’ve been talking about buying another laptop for a good six months (my previous one died a horrible death, hard drive crashing taking everything with it). But financially it never seemed like the right time. Is there ever a right time financially? Really? I don’t ever seem to have one, for anything.

Anyhow, I went to Best Buy to buy a printer because ours died a little while ago and I had every intention of scrapbooking today. I pulled out my table and all my billions of supplies. I took one look at everything and got overwhelmed so I decided to get a printer so I could print out sayings and quotes because my handwriting really sucks. I think it’s because I hardly ever write anything anymore, I just type. Much easier and cleaner. W

hoa, I’m getting off track. So Best Buy, I had to walk past the laptops to get to the printers and I was drawn so I bought one, along with a printer. Here she is, she’s pretty and perfect. I don’t plan on doing much other than basic office work and internet surfing on it, so this Toshiba suits me just fine. I spent 2 hours setting her up (I have no idea why she’s a girl, though now I have to name her. So I”m sitting on my patio enjoying the nice weather and catching up on email and blogs.

I’ve also started playing with scrapblog again….LOVE! I love it even more that I can sit wherever I want and be able to be creative. I’m starting to wonder if digital scrapbooking is more my thing. That would be ashame since I have all kinds of paper and supplies.

Still cracking me up

Sunday night or maybe early Monday morning we were at the cottage in Port Sanilac. I was having a dream that this fat guy was coming at me so I punched him. And then a sound woke me up and I started to giggle.
Groggily C whispered in the dark, “what was that?”
I answered between giggles, “I just punched the wall”

I don’t know why I find this so hysterical. Maybe because I wonder how many times I do things like this and never hit anything because of the way the bed is positioned at home. I mean really, how hilarious would it be if at night my arms are flailing. 😉

I do know that when I was little I used to sleepwalk. Not far, usually in the morning there would be clothes pulled out of my dresser drawers. I haven’t done it in years but it makes me wonder if I could start sleepwalking again. Ew that’s kind creepy.

When I was up north with LW she woke me up because she was laughing in her sleep. Not quietly giggling but loudly cracking herself up. I thought that was a little odd, I’ve heard of talking in your sleep or even crying but laughing?

Do you know anyone that sleep walks or does strange things in their sleep?